Reclaimed Wood

Reclaiming and transforming wood

Restoring Lost Beauty

Every piece of wood has a story. When life’s tragic moments happen, we take the broken pieces and craft works of art from them, weaving that story into the fabric of the project. Using reclaimed wood in our projects lets us connect your clients with their local community on a deeper level than other companies by threading local history into the walls and furniture of their buildings. To us, it’s not just wood; it’s a story.


In the same way that mahogany and walnut woods are distinct from each other, reclaimed lumber is distinct from any other type of wood – even from its original species. Reclaimed wood lets you avoid boring, unattractive aesthetics by giving your building warmth and character. Reclaimed wood has a texture and grain to it that is completely original and unique. With its marks, weathering and natural staining that come with years of use, reclaimed wood has a distinct quality that’s perfect for projects requiring rich personality.


Typically, reclaimed wood comes from local buildings that have been torn down or destroyed over the years. We recycle wood taken from torn-down buildings, waterlogged structures, and other sources, processing it and using only the best pieces in our projects. Using this type of wood in your projects helps your clients become a part of their local community’s history, establishing their place within the community and helping them become connected to its residents.

Efficiently Green

Using reclaimed wood in your projects helps you protect the environment from the harmful deforestation that usually happens as companies glean virgin lumber from precious forests. Recycling wood, instead of destroying forests unnecessarily, means that you are actively promoting a “greener” future and the lifespan of our planet’s resources.

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