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Commercial Casework

Whether it’s cabinets or bookcases, our casework is designed and built with the same care and attention to detail that’s a part of our rich heritage. We only use the best sources and materials in our work, ensuring each item we produce fits perfectly in your home or business.


All of our casework is designed and crafted with care and precision. We then process this wood entirely in-house, carefully designing and cutting to your specifications, and neatly place it in your facility or home.


Casework are one of the foundational pieces of a room, adding both storage and design in a unique way. Whether you’re showing off an extensive personal library or displaying photographs and mementos of your loved ones, our casework is crafted with the greatest level of care and quality.


We craft our desks, bookcases, and other casework with the same attention to details and authenticity that we demonstrate in our other products. We get all of our wood either from the forest or from better sources of salvaged wood. From start to finish, our wood manufacturing process is controlled in-house, allowing us to consistently display the fine craftsmanship that we’ve demonstrated since 1985.

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