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Since 1985, we have established our reputation throughout California by delivering only amazing woodwork. Our cabinets are featured in hundreds of medical offices, hospitals, schools, airports and law firms, showcasing our great craftsmanship and quality. Because we control every step of the millwork process, we produce some of the best woodwork in the industry.


The wood for our cabinets is harvested right from the forest or recycled from the best reclaimed wood. Each piece of wood is carefully selected based on its texture, grain, and structural integrity. When using reclaimed wood, you’re able to give even more character to your facility. The unique patterns that staining and weathering creates in the grain of each piece allows you to create constructs that are truly unique from all others – even those with wood of the same species.


Using cutting-edge technology, we design each piece to your specification, making sure that both the measurements and texture match your project’s requirements. Whether it’s oak, mahogany, walnut, cherry or exotic species of wood, the wood’s texture and measurements will be exactly what you need to bring out to your facility’s unique character.


We craft our cabinets with the same attention to details and authenticity that we demonstrate in our other projects. We get all of our wood either from the forest or from curated sources of salvaged wood. We then process this wood entirely in-house, carefully designing and cutting each piece to your specifications, and neatly place it in your facility. Because our wood is processed in-house – from start to finish – our cabinets display the fine craftsmanship that we have displayed since 1985.

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